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School Holidays for 2018-2019

25 April 2018 (by Javed Love (jlove))

Please see the calendar.

August: Weds 29th- Children start school Weds 29th, Thurs 30th and Friday 31st are half days September: Mon 3rd - Children begin full days **Halloween Holidays are: October 29th - November 2nd ** December: Friday 21st is a half day, children go home at 12:00. **Christmas Holidays are: December 24th - January 4th** **Half Term Holidays are: February 18th - 22nd** March: Monday 18th- half day for St Patrick's Day April: Friday 12th- half day **Easter Holidays: April 15th - 26th** May: 6th, 27th and 28th- Children are off school for public holidays June: Friday 28th- half day, this will be the children's last day.

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