Blackmountain Primary School

A School For You

Using ICT

We are very lucky to have a range of ICT learning resources in our school. This includes:

  • Every room is equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard
  • Each class has access to a set of iPads with monitored, filtered internet access and a range of educational apps
  • We have a set of desktop PCs and laptops which every class is timetabled in to for weekly sessions. Every pupils has their own profile for saving work and access to a printer.

Internet safety

We take internet safety very seriously. When pupils are using school devices with internet access in school this is monitored and supervised closely. If pupils bring their own devices to school they are not allowed to connect to the school WiFi.


Home Learning

Pupils from P4 - P7 have a school account for an excellent maths resource called Active Learn Primary. They should know their login details (If not, they can ask their teacher), and can access it  from home at